Learn with Lynda - Female driving instruction for the Nantwich and Crewe areas!

"I always had fun learning to drive with Lynda. She was patient, friendly, and always made me feel comfortable. The car was the ideal car to learn to drive in. It was easy to understand, well furnished and performed well. I was being taught how to drive, rather than just to pass my test, and the lessons learnt will last a lifetime."

Ryan (Crewe)

"Considering getting in a car as a passenger was a big enough fear for me, getting into the driver's seat and learning to drive has probably been the biggest fear I have ever overcome - and this was all because of Lynda and her fantastic teaching technique. I'm not the easiest person to teach, I get frustrated quickly at any mistakes, I have stupidly high expectations of myself and Lynda dealt with that and more to help me become the driver I am today. Knowledgeable, kind, approachable, understanding, thorough, fun and simply an excellent driving instructor. In the end I considered her a dear friend who helped me learn and develop not only as a driver but as a person also. I would recommend Lynda to any soul who wishes to be taught in a professional manner in a homely/friendly environment to achieve their goal. I will always be grateful to Lynda for helping me pass my test first time!"

Patricia (Shavington)

"Excellent, in-depth lessons. Well structured in a constructive environment that delivered me a perfect test."

Conor (Nantwich) - Zero faults on test!!!!!!

"Lynda is friendly and positive, putting me at ease. She gave me confidence to learn to drive. I felt well prepared when I took my driving test and now I am driving I feel confident and safe on the road."

Becky (Wrinehill)

"I thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with Lynda. She not only taught me the skills to be a competent driver, but also gave me the confidence I needed in order to pass my test. Her lovely, calm nature put me at ease straight away. She taught me at a pace suited to my ability, but pushed me to do the best that I could do. I would definitely recommend her to anybody wishing to learn to drive as she really does put the time and effort into planning and delivering excellent lessons to suit her pupils."

Sophie (Winterley)

"Learning with Lynda has been a very excellent and enjoyable experience. Her car is a very comfortable and easy car to drive. Lynda's lessons are very well taught and she makes them enjoyable along the way, as well as being a very patient person whilst teaching."

Janine (Crewe)

"I really enjoyed learning to drive with Lynda as she made me feel comfortable in the car. I feel that Lynda's car is a good car to learn in as it's comfortable to drive and similar to the car a learner would be likely to have once passed."

Elena (Nantwich)

"Throughout my time on the course with "Learn with Lynda" I have thoroughly enjoyed, not only learning, but having a good laugh with Lynda. The way Lynda teaches is brilliant, reflecting constantly on anything good or bad which had happened. This allowed me to recognise what I may have done wrong and then fix it. The lessons were planned in advance, so I was aware of what I would be tackling in the current lesson. In addition, Lynda is flexible and tried her best to find time for what was best for me as a learner. Overall, I couldn't have achieved what I had without Lynda. She has made me more confident on the road and as a person."

Kim (Crewe)

"What an experience it has been learning to drive. Lynda is a fantastic instructor. From day 1 she has made me feel comfortable and confident in learning to drive through to passing my test. I would definitely recommend her to all persons of all ages wanting to learn to drive."

Sam (Crewe)

"It was always made clear that I was being taught how to drive, rather than how to pass my test and because of this I feel I am a more confident and safe driver. In addition, I was always encouraged and pushed forward in my abilities. I have been taught how to correctly respond to the many different situations that can easily arise when driving. Lynda is not only friendly, but an encouraging instructor who was accommodating to my needs. I enjoyed learning how to drive with Lynda and I highly recommend her to all learner drivers who want to be successful!"

Hayley (MMU, Crewe)

"I really enjoyed the lessons and I thought Lynda's teaching style was great. As I started off with little confidence and not knowing a thing about driving, it helped that there were aims to each lesson and that each thing was taught thoroughly and built upon each week. I will definitely be recommending her to other people."

Callum (Nantwich - Passed Driving Test with Zero faults!)

"I was nervous at first, but Lynda's calm and professional approach taught this old dog new tricks! After 20 years riding a motorcycle, she finally got me to drive a car. I learned more than I needed to pass and enjoyed every minute, even when I got things wrong! I thoroughly recommend Lynda to anybody young or old who wants to learn more than just passing their test."

Barry (Nantwich)

Learning to drive with Lynda has been amazing. She's calm and has patience. My confidence was zero and now it's at the top. I would definitely recommend Lynda to learn to drive with. I passed first time.

Davina (Crewe)
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